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We acknowledge that we are meeting in Mi’kma’ki (meeg-ma-gee), the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq
(meeg-mah) People. 

We recognize that African Nova Scotians are a distinct people whose histories, legacies and contributions have enriched that part of Mi'kma'ki known as Nova Scotia for over 400 years.

As we work through the 7 Steps to Freedom, we commit  to the work it takes to create a culturally safe, inclusive  and anti-racist culture within our 7th Step street group  meetings each and every week. 

We acknowledge the equality of all communities and we  encourage respect and kindness toward these  communities in our meetings and in our daily lives.
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The 7 Steps Pledge - Mi'kmaq


Kejitu ta'n tel seyey wejiaq ta'n telita'si aqq tel-lukwey ni'n wesuwa'lsi ankaptmn aqq wkswa'tun taqoey teliaq ukjit ni'n siaw klo'tmn ta'n tel-seyey na' tal-lukwen mimajuaqniktuk apoqnmuan ktikik ta'n ni'n teli apoqnmuksiap

Group therapy

The 7 Steps Pledge - English


Knowing that my freedom depends upon my thoughts and actions; I hereby pledge:

To face and accept the truth about myself, to maintain my freedom, to become a useful member of society, to help others as I am now being helped. 

The 7 Steps Pledge - French


Engagement de la 7th Step

Sachant que ma liberté dépend de mes pensées et de mes actions, je m’engage par la présente à
Faire face à la vérité sur moi-même et l’accepter, conserver mon libre-arbitre, devenir un membre utile de la société et aider les autres comme on m’aide actuellement.

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