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Before we get to know you, here's a bit about us

The 7th step society was created in 1963 by Bill Sands when he was incarcerated in a prison in the United States. The society was originally called the Seventh Step Foundation and this name is still used to refer to the group in the USA. In Canada, we use the term the 7th Step Society. The society was brought to Canada in 1968 in Vancouver, and has spread all across Canada. The current Nova Scotia Chapter was established in 2013, and has grown significantly since. Our 7th Step chapter is known nationally for our community outreach projects, our strong presence in institutions, and our large group size.


Executive Director

Steven Deveau has been working in the mental health and addiction field for 10 years. He is a certified peer supporter and a certified coach practitioner. His lived experience has driven him to help others in his community through his work and in his daily life.He believes in the power of hope and gratitude to encourage recovery and wellness for people struggling with mental health and addictions.

Our Two Pillar Support System

Volunteers: Volunteers can be any community member who has the desire to help the offender. By connecting people who have had conflicts with the law with pro-social volunteers, they learn coping mechanisms and different perspectives. Volunteers can also help the ex-offender develop a new identity in which they don’t associate themselves with crime.

Ex-Offenders have lived experience of
reintegration so they can be a source of
motivation and support for offenders who are
new to the group. The ex-offender can offer
meaningful advice from the perspective of
someone who has gone through the process of

criminal desistance.

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